Feb. 2nd, 2011

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So a proper update...

I'm taking a break from uni. I went back to placement on the 29th of December and it was horrible. I couldn't stop shaking. I felt sick to my stomach. I jumped everytime anyone spoke to me. And I had to keep disappearing to the bathroom to stop myself crying. So at 5 o'clock I went to see the placement co-ordinator and told her that I'd completely lost my confidence in my abilities and that I was a risk to the patients working when I felt like that. My placement before Christmas had just been so stressful and so horrible and even without the referral I had already started losing my confidence. And damn it I'm a good nurse.

So anyways I was meant to be taking an interuption and going back in April. But the principal lecturer came up with a better plan. I have to repeat the last unit of the course, which sucks, but I get to keep my bursary until August. Which makes the whole thing less stressful because being financially dependent on Mark is not something I was coping well with. I go back to uni for 3 weeks in March and then I do a 4 week non-assessed placement and then I do my proper 12 week final placement. If all goes well I'll be finished by the end of July.

Other news, Mark is going to be selling his flat soon. Total end of a era! His job has moved and so we're looking for a house in Reading. At the moment I'm coordinating all the work that needs doing on the flat before he sells. The electrics are finished, but that's left some attractive plaster patterns. So the plasterer comes next week. And then we have to buy paint, repaint 4 of the 5 rooms and then get the living room recarpeted. Maybe I'll arrange a painting weekend and try to lure some of you to come help with the promise of nommy food and alcohol as reward...

The other big news is that I'll be having my surgery in September most likely. Very scary. But I get to have a cat to help me get better. Or at least that's my reasoning :-D


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