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My weekend has been made of awesome. Mark came up to London on Friday night and the evening was spent eating nice food and cuddling up watching one of my favourite films. he also told me he had a surprise planned for Saturday afternoon.

On Saturday we went out for lunch at Wahaca which is a nommy Mexican place and then he steered me to Victoria and revealed that we were going to see Wicked! It was amazing. I'd heard Defying Gravity before, but I didn't know any of the other songs or much about the plot at all. So yes very awesome surprise.

We got home just into time for Doctor Who. It was alright. Not the worst Dalek episode ever but not the best either. My first impression of the new pure!Daleks was that they'd be Ikea-ed and that they've got big back ends. Not exactly scary. I'm still not entirely sure about Amy, I think she has the potential to be great but I dislike her saving the world with her humanness every week. And I didn't feel that Eleven really hates the Daleks like Nine and Ten did. Very excited for next week though.

Today was made up of a lazy morning, out for lunch (I ate more than I thought was possible) and then a bit of wander around Covent Garden before I headed home and Mark headed for the train station.


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