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I should probably update this thing more. Anyways. Life.

I started my new placement. I'm doing 8 weeks in the theatre department at my hospital. At the moment I'm in recovery, which is interesting. Also strangely manic and quiet at the same time. I'm learning a huge amount about looking after the airway which is fascinating and scary at the same time. So yeah that's all going well.

I took a trip home a couple of weeks ago. Took Mark too. That was awesome. I had been missing my family a huge amount, I hadn't seen them since Christmas. Also the weather was glorious and I got to take Mark to see many of my favourite places as well as couple of places that were new to me too.

Healthwise it's all much the same. I've been having some really bad dizzy spells, I'm not sure that spells is the right word really. Some of them last for 2-3 hours. My GP has ruled out all the obvious reasons so I'm a little concerned that it's related to my lungs. Seeing my respiratory consultant on Friday.

I'm spitting mad today, just found out that I may only be getting half of my deposit back from my previous house. The landlords are charging us for the place to be professionally cleaned which will be upwards of £500, as well as overcharging us for other minor damage to the house. The most annoying thing is all this stuff should fall under normal wear and tear. I'm pissed off as I really could have done with that money.

And that's all, I think.
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