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*points to icon*

This sentiment sort of sums things up for me at the moment. Now is precious. And actually the Now I'm living is pretty damn good. I'm doing well on my course; I'm getting excellent feedback from my placement and I've received an offer to do the degree pathway in my third year. I'm living in a lovely house with people I like, and who seem to like me. I'm in a great relationship with a man who not only accepts my infinite baggage but actually wants to help me carry it. And things with my family are fairly good at the moment. So Now is good and precious and I'm appreciating it.

Also not crossposting this as I'm up to my 1999th entry on LJ and I want to do something special for my 2000th.
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I got my last assignment mark back for my second year, 54%. Which gives me a yearly average of 58%. Which means that in my third year I am definitely on the degree programme and I could be offered a place on the honours degree.

*bounces like a mad thing*
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68%! Feeling very smart right now.
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I had a load of blood tests a few weeks ago. And I got the results back on Tuesday. My iron was a very extreme low end of normal as was my B12. So they think I may have pernicious anaemia like my dad. Pernicious anaemia is when your body can't absorb vitamin B12 as it no longer makes the enzyme that absorbs it. It's easily treatable with an injection of B12 every 12 weeks. I've got to have some more blood tests to confirm and also to start taking iron tablets to make sure I don't get normally anaemic.
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3 years <3
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I got my mark back for the Essay of Doom. I got the 4th highest in my class. Feeling really clever right now :D
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I got admitted to hospital last night. I'm fine and I'm back at the flat now, have been since 7.30ish.

Since Sunday night I've been experiencing extreme back pain. On by Wednesday afternoon, none of my wonderful opiates were making the pain go away. So I took myself off to A&E at St Thomas'. I got fairly rushed to my own cubicle and poked and prodded. At which point they found some reflex issues as well as some sensation irregularities. Basically I can't feel cold on the top of my right foot. I can feel that someone's hand is there, just not it's temperature. And I have an indifferent plantar reflex in both feet, more so in the right. So that got the on-call spinal doc summoned (about 9pm by now). With the pain and the weird neurological stuff I got admitted for observation and dosed up on Oramorph.

This morning I waited for my review so I could go home. And then in the afternoon I waited too. Finally at 4pm, I got reviewed to be told they had no idea why the pain had suddenly got significantly worse and then moderately better again. Neither do they have any idea why I have the weird neurological stuff. So I'm seeing my consultant on Thursday next week and he will decide if he wants further tests. I also got sent home with my own personal pharmacy, some of this stuff is strong. I'm a bit freaked out if I'm honest. And I should be asleep I suspect.
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My bone scan went ok. I objected to the large needle that go shoved in my arm in order to fill me up with radioactive gloop though. T'was a HUGE needle!

Also after my bone scan I got to have a bonus CT scan, so I felt thoroughly scanned. I've never had a CT scan before and I had no idea that they resembled Stargates, I was somehow expecting to open my eyes and be in Atlantis.

Anyways that's all my scans done and I will be seeing my consultant on the 25th of this month, to find out the results. I'm not really sure if I want to know them if I'm honest.

In shinier news I have 5 days off work, in which I am travelling to the far West to go to Mark's cousin's wedding. This means I get to spend time with his rather awesome family, and I get to wear a pretty dress. Hopefully the Sun will stay out for the wedding on Saturday.
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So tired *yawns*

12.5 hours shifts are so much harder after four lovely long peaceful days off.
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I got an appointment! I am having my bone scan on the 2nd of June! YAY!!!!

*bounces like a bouncy thing*
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Hi there! I'm not sure how much I'm going to use this journal. It's mostly just to keep up with everyone who's over here. Maybes I will cross post though...
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2 years <3
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It is teh windy. I was kept awake until 5 this morning by the wind. I was also on the phone to Cle until 1/2 am this morning. She is very silly! I threatened to pimp her on my journal to try to get her a boyfriend. She has sort of agreed to this (read as not really agreed at all), so here goes.

Reasons to date h00

She is gorgeous even if she doesn't admit it most of the time.
She is extremely clever and can even make silly arguments make sense.
She is very funny.
She is a very nice to talk to on the phone.
She is loyal, affectionate and loving (she thinks this makes her sound dog-like but not as much as the next reason)
She has a very glossy coat head of hair.
She smells very nice.
She has excellent clothes and can walk in very silly heels (also she has stompy boots that I liked so much I also bought a pair)
She does a very sexy b00bah dance.
She can sing show tunes in an American accent.
She has cute underwear (she posted on this matter)and will also shuggle her b00bies at you to make a point.
She is batshit insane.
And most importantly of all...
She makes me happy.

All of these are excellent reasons as you can see. So why you may ask am I not dating her myself? And that is a very good question. The simple answer is I love her far too much to risk losing her and also she's about a million times out of my league. So go w00 her you fools!

Cle, kill me after my birthday okay?


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